An app for everyone to create and share pictures of the Earth from space

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We're making available our first SnapPlanet public beta app, winner of the Copernicus Master 2016. We hope you will enjoy the experience of taking pictures of the Earth from space!

Tell your stories from a new perspective

We created SnapPlanet because we believe that the access and use of satellite images should be for everyone — easy, affordable and enjoyable. We believe it will help empowering citizens, journalists, scientists to tell stories that can have a positive impact on society and environment.

Browse beautiful pictures of the Earth from space

Search in a growing collection of pictures taken and published by the SnapPlanet user community.

Create your own pictures from space

Select any places on Earth at one of the available times. Snap, and your picture is ready in seconds!

Spot changes

Compare the same area through time to see changes.

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Share your pictures and stories on your preferred social media.

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